made16 January 2002


between Vladimir Chupin hereinafter called `the Buyers') for themselves and their successors of the one part, and George Ronald, Publisher, of 24 Gardiner Close, Abingdon, Oxon 0X14 3YA, England (hereinafter called `the British Publishers') for themselves, their successors and assigns of the other part

WHEREAS the Buyers are desirous of making arrangements for the issue in the Russian language of a literary work entitled God Loves Laughter by William Sears  which is published in England by the British Publishers


NOW IT IS HEREBY AGREED between the parties as follows:

1.  In consideration of the payments hereinafter mentioned the British Publishers grant to the Buyers the exclusive license to post the electronic form of the Russian language translation on a web site.

2.  The Buyers shall produce an electronic version of  the said work in the Russian language. They shall cause the translation to be made faithfully and accurately and shall post it before already posted.

3.  The Buyers shall not alter or abridge the said work in any way without the consent in writing of the British Publishers.

4.  The Buyers shall include in the Russian edition particulars of the English edition of the said work in the form required by the British Publishers. 

5.  All rights in the said work except the aforesaid license of volume publication in the Russian language are specifically reserved by the British Publishers.

6.  The Buyers shall not assign this license nor issue the said work under any imprint other than their own without the permission of the British Publishers in writing.

7.  If, after the expiration of three years from the date of first posting of the Russian edition on a web site the Buyers shall allow the said work to be deleted from the site and remain off for one year then in such case all rights conveyed in this agreement shall revert to the British Publishers without further notice.



AS WITNESS the hands of the Parties:


SIGNED for and on behalf of






SIGNED for and on behalf of